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How to Approach Senior Care for Parents

a person hugs an elderly person possibly after discussing senior care for parents

As an adult child, there will likely come a time when you need to talk with your parents, grandparents, or other loved ones about senior care. These conversations can be difficult, but they are necessary for planning and your family’s peace of mind. The best time to begin these conversations is early on, before any real need arises. Without the pressure of needing to make an immediate decision, you can take the time to understand your parents’ desires and investigate your options.

At Buckner Villas in Austin, TX we know that, in the right community, your parents’ senior living experience can be vibrant, active, and fulfilling. Community life at Buckner Villas is teeming with opportunities for socialization, pursuing hobbies, recreation, education, and discovering new interests and passions. Use our secure online form or call 512.580.9882 to learn more.

Discussing Senior Care Options for Elderly Parents

Many families do not consider senior living and care options for elderly parents until there is a crisis at hand or they’ve begun to notice signs of an impending problem. Unfortunately, having to decide under duress can result in choosing a facility or program that is not a good fit for your parents’ needs. Starting the discussion after your elderly parent has begun experiencing symptoms can lead to anger, resentment, and resistance that can damage relationships.

Consider the following tips about how to approach the topic of senior care with your parents:

  • Research your options – Before any discussion begins, research the different types of senior living options, the level of care they provide, and how much they cost. Also, learn about your parents’ finances and their options for funding care, such as veteran’s benefits, long-term care insurance, and savings.
  • Present options in a positive light – When talking about senior care, use positive, non-threatening language. For example, say “community” instead of “facility.” Rather than focusing on the level of care, emphasize the social opportunities, activities, and amenities.
  • Promise to keep parents involved – One of the greatest fears for seniors is losing their independence and sense of control over their lives. Remember to be sensitive to their feelings. If they become angry, don’t take it personally, and don’t respond with anger. Reassure your parents that they are part of the decision-making process.
  • Make your discussion ongoing – Don’t expect to decide after one conversation. Instead, view it as a progressive discussion where everyone’s thoughts and opinions can be voiced and heard. Give parents some time in between talks to process the information.

Most importantly, do not attempt to approach the topic of senior care for parents on a whim. Prepare yourself for the conversation by knowing what you want to say. Consider the objections your parents might have, and plan your responses. Talk with family members to make sure everyone is on the same page. Finally, choose an appropriate time and place to begin your conversation.

Discover Senior Living for Parents at Buckner Villas

Buckner Villas is a faith-based, non-profit senior living community in Austin, TX. We offer the entire continuum of care to accommodate a range of senior living lifestyles. Many of our residents actively choose to transition to our independent living program to relieve themselves of the burdens of homeownership and upkeep.

No matter what level of care your elderly parents need, at Buckner Villas, they receive person-centered care that fosters their dignity and allows them to live with the highest level of independence possible. Our residents live vibrant, active lives where they enjoy resort-style amenities in a home-like environment, including:

  • Pool with picnic area
  • Theater room
  • Outdoor patio with fireplace and grill area
  • Pet-friendly communities
  • Group outings
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Recreational and education programs
  • Beauty salon and barbershop
  • Chaplaincy program

Our life-enrichment coordinators ensure that we have a full schedule of activities and events designed to meet the interests and needs of each of our residents. In addition to everything available in our community, residents also have safe transportation services to allow them to access all that Austin has to offer.

The Buckner Villas team can help guide you in approaching the topic of senior care with your parents. Contact us today at 512.580.9882 to talk with our team and schedule a tour.