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Why Buckner?

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Buckner senior living communities are not like other senior living communities in Austin, TX, and we’re certainly not like your “retirement homes” of the past. But we know we can’t just say that. Come see for yourself the ways Buckner retirement communities in Austin, TX are a cut above the rest.

Faith-Based Nonprofit

As a faith-based nonprofit senior living provider, we don’t just care about what we do or how we do it. We care about why.

Buckner Retirement is filled with passionate people who view their jobs as callings. They’re motivated to serve senior adults with excellence because they see it as part of a greater mission.

And, because Buckner Retirement is part of Buckner International, residents and staff at each senior living community often have opportunities to serve alongside that greater mission.

Residents host shoe drives to collect shoes for vulnerable children across the world, or backpack drives to collect school supplies for foster children down the street. Children and families Buckner serves join residents for holiday gatherings and special events. It’s the kingdom of God working together to serve one another during every season of life.


The Buckner Retirement lifestyle is active, vibrant and free. Residents in our senior living communities are always on the move, participating in activities, outings and events to maximize life.

At Buckner, you’re free to live whatever lifestyle best suits you. If you enjoy socializing, then every day is full of new opportunities to make memories with your neighbors and friends. If you prefer quiet, then your private senior apartment home provides the perfect place to read or craft. If fitness is your favorite, then community wellness programs are sure to keep you active.

Here, life is a together thing. Residents are friends, but also family. They dine together, exercise together, laugh together. This is senior living the way it’s meant to be.


At Buckner Retirement, you can expect to be treated with 5-STAR hospitality. Like a luxury hotel or restaurant, our retirement communities in Austin, TX are here to serve you.

We’ll smile and engage with you from the moment you walk in the door.

We’ll take initiative and do whatever necessary to ensure each resident is happy.

We’ll ask you about your life and know what’s going on, just like family.

From the executive director to the dining staff, we’ll work together to create an exceptional experience for every resident every day.