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Chaplaincy Program

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chaplaincy program for seniors The role of a chaplain is much more than providing worship services in a local chapel. They are here for emotional and spiritual help for residents, staff, and families. A chaplaincy program for seniors can be very beneficial in helping seniors experiencing pain and discomfort and their families. Community life at Buckner Villas offers many services to help our residents with the level of care they need to live their golden years in comfort.

At Buckner Villas, we provide a senior living community for active seniors and those who require assisted living care. Our full-time staff includes health, fitness, and nutrition experts, plus a chaplain to provide faith-based programs in senior living. Our community services can fit your needs, whether you are fully independent or need specialized care. To learn more about our chaplaincy program for seniors, call 512.580.9882 today to speak with our friendly staff about our chaplaincy program in senior living.


A chaplaincy program can provide spiritual and emotional support for seniors in pain or discomfort who want spiritual guidance. A chaplain provides support for more than just the residents. They support all employees and caregivers to help them with the emotional toll common with staff in senior care facilities. Just some of the support they offer include:

  • End of life care for seniors and their family
  • Emotional support for staff
  • Give seniors who are lonely a friend to talk to
  • Faith-based activities to build morale
  • Conduct and attend funerals

As medical science allows us to lead fuller, longer lives, the need for a chaplaincy program for seniors is more critical than ever to continue providing care for the growing number of seniors in the country. At Buckner Villas, our chaplaincy program for senior living is just one aspect of the care we provide for our residents and their families.


A chaplaincy program in senior living does more than offer support for residents. It can benefit staff and caregivers, plus families of residents when their parents are severely ill or nearing the end. This is a very difficult time, and having a professional chaplain with you can help ease your pain and answer any questions about spirituality.


A chaplaincy program for seniors can benefit seniors and their families. They can provide spiritual and emotional support when they are sick or recovering from surgery or need someone to talk to when feeling lonely. Many seniors find comfort in talking with a chaplain about God and their beliefs, greatly improving their mental health.

Family members can also get support from a chaplain program in senior living. Spiritual belief can be very beneficial in helping families cope with their loved ones’ illness or loss of life. They can also help with planning funeral arrangements and conducting the proceedings.


Staff at senior care facilities can experience great emotional and spiritual stress. Many caregivers find that exploring their spirituality can help can greatly benefit them and allow them to continue providing exceptional care during difficult situations. Chaplains can also help boost morale for all staff through spiritual discussions and other activities.


At Buckner Villas in Austin, our chaplaincy program for seniors provides spiritual and emotional support for residents and their families. Our senior living community is perfect for seniors who are looking for:

  • Independent senior living
  • Assisted living
  • Memory care
  • Respite care

To learn more about our chaplaincy program for seniors and other faith-based programs in senior living, call 512.580.9882 today to speak with our knowledgeable staff.