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The Select Difference: How Assisted Living Select Elevates Senior Care

caretakers explaining how assisted living select elevates senior care to a smiling senior

Senior living communities vary widely in terms of the programs and levels of care they offer. Thorough research will ensure you find one best suited to your needs when searching for senior living options for yourself or a loved one. Buckner Villas offers a complete continuum of care, including independent living, memory care, respite care, long-term skilled nursing care, and assisted living for seniors

As the premier choice for seniors in Austin, TX, Buckner Villas is not just about care but a vibrant and engaging lifestyle. Our 25-acre Tuscan-style senior living community is a hub of activities, events, and amenities. And with access to all that Austin, recognized as one of the best places to retire, has to offer, there’s always something to look forward to.

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What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a long-term housing option for seniors who require some help managing particular daily tasks. Residents can range from needing very little support to needing help with most tasks. For this reason, when researching assisted living programs, you will likely encounter the term “levels of care.”

It is essential to know that “levels of care” do not refer to the quality of care provided but how much assistance residents need with activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (iADLs). ADLs and iADLs include bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, meal preparation, household chores, medication management, and transportation. 

Aside from assistance with ADLs and iADLs, the following are some other reasons to choose assisted living:

  • Not having friends or family who can provide consistent assistance
  • Not wanting to rely on friends or family for care
  • Not being able to maintain or not wanting the responsibilities of home upkeep
  • Access to amenities that might not otherwise be available
  • The desire to be part of a community of like-minded peers
  • To eliminate safety concerns, such as falls or mistakes in taking medications

Assisted living for seniors at Buckner Villas is not about dependency; it’s about maintaining dignity, autonomy, privacy, and independence. We believe in enriching lives, and our activities and events are designed to meet our residents’ cognitive, physical, and social abilities, making them feel respected and valued. 

How Assisted Living Select Elevates Senior Care

As mentioned, assisted living offers different levels of care based on resident’s needs. The level of care is designed to change with your or your loved one’s changing needs. At Buckner Villas, our intake specialists and treatment team meet with residents and their family members for a comprehensive needs assessment to determine the appropriate level of care. Our assisted living select program provides enhanced care for residents with complex care needs beyond what is offered in traditional assisted living programs. 

Residents in assisted living select receive:

  • Around-the-clock access to care and assistance
  • Enhanced medical services
  • Personalized care for managing ADLs and iADLs
  • Enriching activities catered to their interests and abilities
  • Encouragement and assistance to remain socially engaged

The staff at Buckner Villas is passionate about their work, and our staff-to-resident ratios ensure that every resident receives personalized care. Most residents and their families view our staff as extended family members. 

Call Today to Request a Consultation for Assisted Living and Senior Care at Buckner Villas

Buckner Villas offers two assisted living options: The Meadows and The Grove. Each provides the same level of personalized care, but The Grove was explicitly created with families on a budget in mind. While The Meadows offers one—and two-bedroom apartments, The Grove provides studio residences. Both offer access to community living spaces, dining rooms with chef-prepared meals, housekeeping and laundry services, 24-hour staffing, and much more. 

When you are ready to transition to assisted living for yourself or a family member, Buckner Villas is here to answer questions and offer advice. Call 512.580.9882 today or complete our online form to talk with an intake specialist and schedule a visit.