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How Much Does Respite Care Cost?

an elderly person and a nurse talk possibly about the respite care cost

As the largest generation in history, the baby boomers have strained the resources and had a tremendous influence on nearly every aspect of American society. This generation has changed the face of public education, secondary education, the labor market, and the housing market. And now, as they enter retirement, they are changing the face of senior living, including the need for caregivers.

Buckner Villas is a faith-based senior living community with decades of experience providing a complete continuum of care, including respite care. We know that millions of Americans serve as unpaid caregivers to family members 65 and older, often while juggling responsibilities to their children, spouses, work, and more. Therefore, we offer respite care in Austin, Texas to help caregivers take time to avoid burnout. Call Buckner Villas at 512.580.9882 to learn more about our respite care services.

What Is the Price of Respite Care?

Caregiving is demanding. It requires a lot of time, physical work, and emotional energy. Most family caregivers do not receive payment for the support and care they provide, meaning they typically have jobs and other responsibilities on top of their caregiver duties. This extra responsibility can lead to caregiver burnout.

Unpaid family caregivers experience higher levels of stress, exhaustion, depression, and illness than peers who are not caregivers. Family caregivers suffering from burnout cannot provide optimal care for themselves or their loved ones. That is why respite care is essential to everyone’s overall well-being.

Respite care works to give caregivers a short-term break. The price of respite care is contingent upon several factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • Your insurance or other benefits, such as veteran’s benefits
  • The level of respite care you choose
  • The length of time respite care is needed
  • The level of care your loved one needs

Respite care is typically more costly in rural areas compared to urban areas, and prices vary widely between states.

The Different Costs of Respite Care

Unfortunately, respite care costs are often a barrier to caregivers seeking the help and support they need. In these cases, arranging for informal respite care with friends and family can be an inexpensive or cost-free option for caregivers to get the break they need from time to time.
Because respite care has many different meanings, caregivers must investigate costs based on the level of services needed and the length of time. That said, a look at the national averages for various types of respite care can give caregivers an idea of what to expect to pay for various respite care services:

  • Community-based respite care – Short-term services like adult day health care are the most affordable. These services are usually available on-demand and can range in cost from $25 to $150 per day. The national average is $80.
  • In-home respite care – Costs depend on the number of hours or days of service needed and the extent of required care. Home-based care costs range from $15-$40/hour for periodic care and $120-$200/day for live-in. The national average hourly rate is $26.
  • Facility-based respite care – Most nursing homes, senior living communities, and assisted living residences offer respite care on an hourly, half-day, full-day, overnight, weekly, or monthly basis. The national average cost is $152/day.

Buckner Villas senior living community provides top-quality respite care services in Austin, Texas, offering many benefits for seniors and their caregivers.

Reach Out to Buckner Villas to Learn More About the Cost of Respite Care

At Buckner Villas, we know respite care services allow caregivers to take time for themselves to stay physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy. Respite care enables you to enjoy time away without guilt because you know your loved one is receiving the care they need.

We all need help sometimes, and family caregivers are no exception. Respite care services at Buckner Villas provide the support you need to avoid caregiver burnout and the socialization and activities your loved one needs to maintain a good quality of living. Reach out to us at 512.580.9882 to discover all of the benefits of respite care services for yourself and your loved one.