Senior Care Options & Amenities

Which senior living option is right for you?

Buckner Villas offers a full continuum of living and care, but how do you know which avenue best fits your lifestyle? Whether you’re in need of skilled nursing care or assisted living, we’re here to help you find the right accommodations to live your best life possible. Read below for a quick breakdown of the retirement services offered here at Buckner Villas.

Assisted Living at The Meadows and The Grove

Need additional help with life’s daily activities? Assisted living may be the best option for you or your loved one. Buckner Villas offers two assisted living communities, The Meadows and The Grove. Each provides a comfortable, home-like environment with a unique style and arrangement to fit many budgets. Daily assistance is readily available day and night, with enough flexibility for members to maintain as much independence as possible. Assisted living members in both The Meadows and The Grove have access to services and amenities such as weekly housekeeping, cable TV, maintenance, community dining, and more! Additionally, assisted living members receive health and wellness amenities and services, life enrichment activities and spiritual wellness programs.

Memory Care at The Harbor

Memory care is designed specifically for senior adults living with a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia or similar forms of memory loss. At The Harbor, we address these varying levels of memory impairment with compassion using a holistic, faith-based approach. Our specially trained team strives to help members connect with their past and enjoy the present.

Amenities and services at The Harbor include state-of-the-art private suites with cable TV, community living and dining spaces, access to secure courtyards, daily housekeeping services, and more. Members can also expect to receive chaplain and life enrichment services, in addition to 24-hour care.

Skilled Nursing Care in Austin at The Campbell Center

Long-term skilled nursing care services are traditionally for senior adults requiring around-the-clock nursing care. Skilled nursing care stays are also available for short-term rehab after a hospital stay, such as post-surgery or injury. Whatever your circumstances may be, Buckner Villas provides personal, compassionate skilled nursing care to all members at The Campbell Center, our long-term and skilled nursing care community. Members of the Campbell center enjoy amenities such as a private room with a private bathroom and shower, Wi-Fi and cable TV. Additional amenities include regular laundry and housekeeping services, community dining spaces and more. The Campbell Center also provides members with expert medical care services, life enrichment activities and spiritual wellness programs.

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